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Building the "Sustainable" Category in Grocery

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1/3 of food is wasted before it's consumed.

Of consumers want to buy sustainable brands.
Of consumers will pay 10% more for sustainable products.


Our sensors + algorithms can listen to fruits and veggies talk and interpret shelf life. We use this to make more sustainable supply chain decisions.

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We are launching a sustainable category of produce

Strella Produce is...

Always at peak freshness & handled in the most carbon-optimal way.

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Strella Produce is...

Grown by family-run farms
with a commitment to sustainability

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Choose Sustainable in the Produce Aisle


We work with suppliers with the most advanced sustainability practices in the farm, orchard, and distribution center.

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We use our technology to ensure produce makes its way through the supply chain in the most sustainable way possible, reducing waste.


We make sure produce makes its way to the grocery shelf at peak freshness for the best consumer experience.

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Strella's founder Katherine

We are a woman-founded team of scientists & fruit nerds building a brighter future!

Let’s Work Together!

How can we help you?

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strella for packing

Predict packing orders to improve packouts

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STRELLA for retail

Reduce shrink & improve quality in store & warehouse

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STRELLA for importers

Predict container maturity & improve slotting decisions

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STRELLA for all

Support sustainable efforts in agriculture