We're a team of scientists, engineers, post-harvest technologists and produce lovers passionate about building a better future.

The two founder of Strella, Katherine and Jay

Founder Story

While studying in college, founder Katherine Sizov uncovered a startling stat— 40% of our food is wasted.

With a molecular biology background, Katherine set out to discover resilient and data-driven solutions for food supply chains. She met Jay Jordan at a networking event in college, and together they founded Strella.

Meet the team

Amena Razzak

Research Associate

Ariel Williams

Intern Developer

Bryan Reeves

Product Manager

Cory Johnson


Ephrat Baradel

Data Scientist

Giang Nguyen


Hesam Azimi


Israel Belmonte


Jay Jordan


Jeremy Willow

R&D Lead

Katherine Sizov

Founder, CEO

Mark Mydland


Masha Yamburenko

Biochemical Scientist

Matt Weiss


Michael Harrison Lee

Data Scientist

Nikolas Dula

Lab Manager

Peter Lansdaal


Russell Kilgannon

Operations Lead

Scarlet Waller

Packing Technical Sales

Sean O'Callahan


Theo Marshall

Mechanical Engineer

Zuyang Liu

Co-Founder, IoT Lead

Recent Press

Strella is featured in IBM's New Creators series, where Jay and Katherine describe the importance of creativity behind their work.


Katherine Sizov is only two years out of college, but her high-tech sensors — which monitor ethylene, a gas key to the ripening of fruits and vegetables — are keeping watch over 15 percent of U.S. apples.

Washington Post

Strella wins the Seattle Geekwire pitch competition.


Strella Biotechnology 2023: We Are a Team Passionate About Building a Better Future!


How can we help you?

An overhead shot of a worker using a forklift to move many boxes of apples
strella for packing

Improve packouts with real time maturity monitoring

Close up of vertically sliced peppers to see the inside of them
STRELLA for retail

Reduce shrink & improve quality in grocery

A warehouse filled with boxes of product
STRELLA for importers

Predict container maturity & improve slotting decisions

Shot of vertically sliced apples moving in and out of frame
STRELLA for all

Support sustainable efforts in agriculture