Focused Data

Designed for Food Supply Chains

Put Your Best Fruit Forward

Manage your perishable inventory with confidence.

For Packers

Strella helps apple and pear packers identify maturity in controlled atmosphere storage rooms to optimize room open order and increase packouts. More here.

For Importers

Strella monitors the maturity of produce containers in transit to help importers optimize inventory based on shelf life. More here.

For Retailers

Strella adds days of freshness and reduces shrink and markdowns in the retail supply chain with maturity-based inventory management decision tools. More here.

Fruits Talk,
We Listen

We use proprietary sensors + IoT networks + data analysis to interpret shelf life.

Before produce changes in quality, it emits gases that Strella sensors can detect. We translate those emissions, apply environmental and upstream datapoints, and analyze fruit behavior to determine fruit maturity. We believe in working hand in hand with our clients to help make the best supply chain decisions for their businesses.

By feeding supply chain decision making with data, we believe we can help our customers make money while reducing food waste and increasing the quality of the produce we consume.

Who We Are

Katherine Sizov
Jay Jordan
Zuyang Liu
IoT Lead
Boris Polyak
Head of R&D
Jeremy Willow
Principal Scientist
Maria Yamburenko
Principal Molecular Biologist
Luke Tiffany
PNW Account Manager
Eric Scardelli
Head of Product
Eric Sun
Full Stack Developer