Consistent Quality

with Less Waste

through a data-powered food supply chain.

Put Your Best Fruit Forward

Tools to manage perishable inventory at every stage of the supply chain

For Warehouse Managers

For Packers

Strella’s wireless sensors predict apple and pear maturation in CA storage. We help packers determine CA room packing order to optimize packouts. On average, we improve packouts by ½ packs per bin and save $40,000 per optimization. More here.

For Importers

Currently, importers rely small and statistically insignificant sampling to make QA and inventory decisions. Strella’s proprietary sensors detect produce maturity as it travels on containers. This information is used by QA and slotting teams to make decisions on inventory. By optimizing quality at time-to-ship, importers can use Strella to maximize profit margins. More here.

For Retailers

Our Banana Program
Banana ripening remains an “art”, creating inconsistency between facilities and tremendous burden on ripeners. Strella’s proprietary sensors are placed in ripening rooms to predict banana ripening stage. We issue recommendations through our electronic QC platform to help ripeners improve consistency of color and maintain banana shelf life.

Our Apple Program
Today, retailers rely on limited QC samples, historical knowledge, and FIFO supply chain orders to manage fruit. Strella’s proprietary sensor technology predicts the shelf life of produce. We use this information to 1) work with suppliers to ensure peak quality entering the retail supply chain and 2) triage produce based on shelf life to reduce waste in both the DC and the store.

More here.

For Warehouse Managers

Warehouse and quality control managers do an incredible job growing, moving and shipping the right produce at the right time. However, there is very little data to inform shrink and quality decisions, leaving busy managers to make choices based on experience and intuition. Strella’s environmental sensor technology helps warehouse managers improve shrink numbers and maintain quality through data-driven decisions. Read more here.

Fruits Talk,
We Listen

Strella's proprietary sensors collect data throughout the supply chain to power first-in-class shelf life data. Coupled with decision algorithms for each supply chain segment, we're putting better produce on the shelf with less waste.

Proprietary Data

Predicting maturity requires specialized sensors that target the indicators of shelf life. We measure physiological gas outputs of produce as it begins to ripen. These emissions provide earlier and more accurate means of predicting quality than vision or environmental measurements.

Connected Supply Chain

Data isn’t transferred as produce moves down the supply chain, making the whole system inefficient. Strella is dedicated to a smarter supply chain that mutually benefits everyone, from grower to retailer.

Actionable Decisions

Every Strella solution is designed specifically for people in produce. All the data we collect is interpreted into simple and useful decision-making that integrates flawlessly into existing processes and data systems.

Who We Are

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