Improve packouts by predicting controlled atmosphere (CA) room open order.

The Problem

There is little data to determine CA room open order. Packers rely on historical knowledge and small samples to plan packing schedules, but up to 60% of a packout can be lost due to maturity. In a 10 room packing schedule, there are 3,628,000 possible packing orders.

Strella offers packers a real time view of CA maturity to optimize room open order.

our CA Storage program

Strella’s wireless sensors monitor ethylene, CO2, O2,temperature and humidity in the CA room during the season. We use sensor data to predict the maturity of the room and help packers open the right room at the right time.

Our solution is easy to use - drop wireless sensors in your CA room, connect a gateway, and view live maturity-based recommendations online.

Our dashboard displays maturity data and personalized packing orders in real-time.

How can we help you?

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strella for packing

Predict packing orders to improve packouts

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STRELLA for retail

Reduce shrink & improve quality in store & warehouse

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STRELLA for importers

Predict container maturity & improve slotting decisions

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Support sustainable efforts in agriculture