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Where are the Ripest Apples?

Strella is developing a biosensor that can predict the maturity of virtually any fresh fruit. Our sensors are installed in controlled atmosphere storage rooms, monitoring apples as they ripen. That way, packers and distributors know where the ripest apples are for their customers, thus minimizing spoilage and quality downgrade costs.

  • 22% of all produce is wasted in distribution along the food supply chain
  • This results in $1.2B in produce losses in the U.S annually

We minimize food waste and maximize produce margins

Packers Lack Data

Monitoring Problem

Controlled atmosphere (CA) storage rooms are sealed most of the season, and cannot be efficiently monitored via inspection.

Biosensing Solution

We mimic natural mechanisms found in fruits to monitor fruit ripeness by measuring ethylene gas. This allows us to match the gold standard of precision with ease-of-use and affordability.

The Strella Solution

We offer a novel sensing technology that allows for easy decision making. Strella's biosensor, coupled with a user-friendly UI, allows packers to tell where their under-ripe, maturing, and readiest CA storage rooms are.

Our current market is U.S apple packers and distributors, which represent a $4B produce industry. However, since our technology can be applied to a variety of different fruits, we are working to expand to other markets, such as bananas and pears.

Our Team

Katherine Sizov

Founder, CEO

Reginald Lamaute

VP Technical Strategy

Zuyang Liu

VP Engineering

Malika Shukurova

VP R&D Lead


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