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New York, NY 10010
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Strella’s Mission

More than 40% of all fresh produce is wasted in the US, which accounts for over $17 billion dollars in lost product annually and contributes more CO2 emissions than all of US transportation combined. Globally, food that is never consumed accounts for 7% of the global freshwater supply and 308MM hectares of land. Our goal is to reduce these drastic numbers by making the produce supply chain smarter.

Strella uses proprietary IoT biosensors to monitor and predict produce quality in real time as it travels the supply chain. We reduce food waste and help deliver better quality produce to consumers. To date, we’ve monitored over 500,000,000 million pieces of fruit.

Our product is used commercially in high-value decision-making in apple and pear storage. We’re growing the team to improve our product and service higher impact markets.

Working at Strella

We hire smart people and trust them to get their job done. We don’t have required hours or limited PTO. Occasionally, we stay late or work on weekends to get it done. We also take breaks whenever we need (unless a customer is waiting on us). We’re doing important, exciting work and that is what drives us. Nothing is above or below our pay grade.

To Apply

Email – [email protected]

Please send resume and any other info that may be relevant, including a brief introduction.

Senior Product Engineer


We are looking for an electrical engineer with at least 5 years of experience in product development to help lead Strella’s engineering team. This role has an opportunity to grow into a VP of Engineering position at a growing startup company.


We are looking for someone who has:

  • An understanding and comfort in managing and being hands-on in several engineering fields, including mechanical, electrical and RF engineering.
  • Operational and management skills to schedule and control electrical engineering design processes.
  • The ability to take design from concept to production. This involves customer product requirements, creating product specifications, and creating detailed timelines and KPIs.
  • Managed a small engineering team and consultants as necessary.
  • Experience working at smaller companies and wearing multiple hats is a plus.


Sample Work

  • Create various product designs for various usages; controlled atmosphere storage locations, shipping containers, pallet sensors, etc.
  • Participate in product design, considering KPIs from various users including cost, user .experience, shipping, temp requirements, shipability, reliability, manufacturability, aesthetic design, etc.
  • Design connectors and hardware that exposes sensors to environment, but protects electronics from environment.
  • IoT network and RF testing and design for various industrial environments.
  • SKU, supply chain and production planning.
  • Manage various vendors.
  • Design manufacturing process for various components from hardware to automated programming to overseas assembly.
  • Design and build test facilities for both internal and scalable external use.


Skills Required



  • Schematic capture
  • Layout design



  • Required: Altium Designer
  • Plus: KiCAD, Eagle


RF Related:

  • RF design, simulation and measurements
  • Equipment: SA, VNA, etc.



  • Enclosure design (IP Rated, DFM, etc.)
  • Software: Autodesk Fusion, AutoCAD, freeCAD
  • Plus: 3D printing, CNC


Firmware development:

  • For STM32Lx platforms using C/C++
  • BSP, Driver development, interacting with other peripherals such as sensors and memory
  • Application development


  • GCC toolchain, STM32Cube Tools, Keil, etc.
  • Plus: Wireless protocols such as LoRa, Bluetooth, BLE, ZigBee, etc.



Competitive Salary

Employee Option Pool


Health & Dental

No Hours or PTO Tracking

Some Travel

Full Stack Developer (Front End Focus)

We are looking for a full stack developer with at least 3 years of experience to help us with various aspects of the business. This role will be more focused on front-end development but will encompass programming needs in many areas.

While primarily a programming role, as a startup there is an opportunity/need to perform tasks in many areas. Our team finds this exciting, as we learn many new things often from various fields including supply chain, electrochemistry, biology, engineering and more.


We are looking for someone who can:

  • Design and build front end solutions for customer facing dashboards as well as internal tools.
  • Propose solutions for data visualization and communication.
  • Contribute to discussions regarding data processing methods and algorithms.
  • Write scripts for tasks and data processing jobs.
  • Create and integrate various APIs.
  • Automate data visualization email reports for customers.
  • Build systems and applications for barcode scanning.
    Create IoT network integrations to AWS or other databases.
  • Process and output statistical models for lab data.
  • Work autonomously in a fast-moving environment.
    Gladly wear many hats, some which have nothing to do with programming.


  • Graphic design skills a plus.
  • 3D printing programming a plus.


Skills Required

  • Design, sketching, mockups, wireframing
  • HMTL, Javascript, React.js, etc.
  • Basic Linux shell automation scripts
  • K8s
  • AWS
  • Statistics



  • Basic IOS development
  • 3D Printer Programming
  • InDesign, Illustrator


Sample Projects

  • Build next iteration of our customer web dashboard including assist with design, data aggregations and admin/user interfaces.
  • Continuous iteration on various customer dashboards – visualization and data processing models.
  • Create an install app for field team that assigns sensor location to room locations factoring in offline data storing.
  • Propose and design novel ways of visualizing produce maturity based inventory systems that help communicate value to retail customers.
  • Build customizable PDF report outputs that can be auto-emailed to customers.
  • Build data models that adjust and predict future outcomes based on various environmental conditions.
  • Design and build production dashboard that identifies successful production steps and outputs results to production team.
  • Design and build lab data user interface for quicker, simpler data processing as well as presentation of live experiment data.
  • Build a program for 3D printer to automate production of certain materials.
  • Make adjustments to website as they come.
  • Assist with graphic design, if possible, for customer-facing materials.



  • Smart, diverse team with opportunity for growth and experience in many fields.
  • Competitive Salary
  • Employee Option Pool
  • 410k
  • Health & Dental
  • No Hours or PTO Tracking
  • Some Travel, if desired